Ambassador Hartmann in Mostar

Mayor of Mostar,  Dr.Mario Kordić, received the Ambassador of the Republic of Austria to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ulrike Hartmann, today.

The Mayor informed the Ambassador about the initiatives he wants to implement together with the new City Council and that in the next term he wants to cooperate with the Embassy on specific projects, the City of Mostar announced.

The Ambassador said that Austria is the largest investor in BiH, but that there are no significant investments in Mostar. They agreed that Mostar and the Herzegovina region have great potential, especially in tourism, and now that a better political climate has been created, certain bureaucratic barriers need to be removed and preconditions made for investment and economic cooperation.

The officials also discussed the support of the Austrian Embassy in establishing cooperation between the City of Mostar and some Austrian cities, and the Ambassador supported the initiative and said that after receiving concrete proposals from the Mayor, she would personally engage.

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