H.E. Matthew Field in Mostar City Hall

Mayor of Mostar, Ph.D. Mario Kordić received today in the City Hall H.E. Matthew Field, Ambassador of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland to Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

At the beginning of the meeting, the Ambassador expressed satisfaction with the fact that local elections were held in Mostar, and agreed that the formation of the City Council will enable accelerated consideration of issues of importance to the City of Mostar, which have waited too long for a solution. 

Mayor Kordić expressed his enthusiasm and belief that many issues will soon be resolved due to the positive atmosphere in the City Council, as well as the entry of several young people into the Council. He stressed the importance of teamwork that would enable the creation of better living conditions for citizens in Mostar, and the hope that the paradigm of the City of Mostar, as a divided city, will soon change. 

The topic of the meeting was also companies owned by the City, with an emphasis on utility companies. The mayor pointed out that in general the problem of the functioning of utilities in the city must be a priority, and the first prerequisite is the establishment of a management structure in these companies. He emphasized that in order to attract foreign investments, among other things, the Airport must function and all the necessary preconditions should be created in order to connect Mostar with the world. 

Ambassador Field expressed interest in the current economic situation in the City regarding the negative consequences of the Covid pandemic - 19. It was pointed out that, regardless of the current difficult situation caused by the pandemic, the City of Mostar will work to attract domestic and foreign investment into which people immigrate, not from which they leave. 

During the meeting, they discussed the epidemiological situation and the response of health care in Mostar to the current situation.


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