Memorandum of Understanding between China and City of Mostar

Mayor of Mostar Mario Kordić and the Director of the China-European Association for Technical and Economic Cooperation (CEATEC) for Foreign Affairs Dragan Čigoja signed a Memorandum of Understanding today in the City Hall for a joint proposal on cooperation between the City of Mostar and China. and Economic Cooperation (CEATEC).

With this Memorandum, the City of Mostar recognizes CEATEC as a partner for the development of business and investment relations and tourism capacities towards the Chinese market, and that this Association will be the authorized representative of the City of Mostar for cooperation with the Chinese market.

Also, this Memorandum envisages the promotion of trade and branding between the City of Mostar and the Chinese market, the promotion of investment opportunities in the City of Mostar for Chinese investors, the promotion of tourism for Chinese travel agencies, local governments and other relevant institutions and the introduction of high technology exchange between China and the City of Mostar, as well as an alliance of sister cities.

The memorandum was previously signed by CEATEC with the Association of Entrepreneurs of Herzegovina (APH).

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