US Ambassador Nelson in Mostar

Mayor Dr. Mario Kordić hosted members of the US Embassy in the City Hall expressing his welcome and gratitude for the visit. Kordić briefed Ambassador Nelson on the priority issues currently being addressed by the City of Mostar, such as the Uborak landfill and the change of management in public companies. He expressed his belief that a solution to many problems is in sight and that Mostar is on its way of becoming a beautiful European city if the good work of the City Council continues. In a conversation with Ambassador Nelson, he mentioned past and future projects, explaining a concept that will lead to an overall improvement. The Ambassador expressed full support and assistance to the Mayor. He expressed satisfaction that the councillors realized their responsibility and hope that the citizens will have high expectations from them. Aware that the issue of waste is one of the biggest communal issues in almost all cities in the world, including the United States, he commented on his visit to the "Uborak" landfill and the conversation with citizens.

The Ambassador also briefed the Mayor on projects involving the US Embassy, such as financial reform, tourism support and e-government. He believes that BiH has a lot of young and professional people who can contribute to all areas of development of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and mentioned the work of  Bosnian-Herzegovinian - American Academy of Sciences and Arts.

"The focus should be on key projects that will show citizens that change is possible," the Ambassador said.

Mayor Mario Kordić informed Ambassador Nelson about the ongoing digitalization process of the City Administration. It will provide hardware support, replace outdated technology and ensure and improve the use of existing programs such as DOCUNOVA, FINOVA, GIS, etc.


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