Mayor of Mostar held a meeting with representatives of the World Bank, the European Commission in BiH, SIDA and PU Vodovod on the project of building the WWTP

Representatives of the World Bank and the European Commission in BiH, the Swedish International Development and Cooperation Agency (SIDA), together with the representatives of PU Vodovod, visited today the ongoing works on the construction of waste water treatment plant, located near the bridge "Franjo Blažević".

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Conference on handicrafts

On Friday, the City of Mostar hosted the Conference entitled "Handicrafts - Past, Present, Future" with the purpose of considering the state of preservation and valorisation of traditional crafts as part of the immaterial world cultural heritage. According to the Mortar’s Mayor Mr. Ljubo Bešlić, the purpose of this project is the promotion of traditional crafts of the city of Mostar, together with other world heritage cities.

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"Handicrafts-past, present, future"

The City of Mostar will be the host and the organiser of the Conference called "Handicrafts-past, present, future". The purpose of the Conference is to observe the situation on the field of preservation and valorisation of traditional crafts as a part of intangible world cultural heritage. The Conference will be a sort of review of good practices from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the countries of the region and OWHC member countries

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Mayor of Mostar Ljubo Bešlić met with the Mayor of Sofia Jordanka Fandekova

Mayor of Mostar Ljubo Bešlić, who participates in the WEBIT festival in Bulgaria, Sofia, met today with the Mayor of Sofia Jordanka Fandekova. Mayor Bešlić thanked her for this occasion, and the topic of discussion between the two mayors was the possibility of economic and cultural cooperation on projects that could jointly run for EU funds.

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Mostar Presented in Sofia its Goal to Become a Part of Smart Cities Group

At WEBIT festival in Sofia, Mostar presented its goal to become a part of the smart cities group through the presentation “Reinventing Europe in Smart Cities Through Smart Administration“. In his speech Mayor of Mostar Ljubo Bešlić welcomed all participants and presented all the activities taken to estimate the idea. The Mayor pointed out that the City of Mostar wants to be included in the smart cities of

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