A Mayor of All Citizens of Mostar

The new Mayor of Mostar, Mr. Mario Kordić, said on Wednesday that in his term he would focus more on topics that are important for the everyday life of citizens, and less on political issues, and reiterated that he would be the Mayor of all citizens of Mostar.

He believes that he and the City Council have a lot of work ahead  because, as he says, in the past 12 years, many problems have accumulated, from landfill, collectors, to parking and water supply.

- We are going to make a new deal for Mostar, that is, to start everything that has been on stand by all these years. In principle, in the election campaign we talked about all these projects, such as Uborak, collectors, water supply, parking. Given that Mostar hasn’t had a City Council for the last 12 years and that all these topics and problems have accumulated, I think we will make a broader consensus in the Council and divide ourselves, so that all these topics are open at some point – said Kordić in his  statement for Fena, and added that working teams will be formed to deal with all the above-mentioned problems, because, he emphasizes, Mostar does not have the luxury of stretching those problems and solving them individually.

Besides, he emphasized that he would try to avoid political issues, and impose communal topics and those that are important for the life of citizens of Mostar, on a daily basis.

When it comes to changing the Statute of the City of Mostar, he said that it definitely needs to be changed as soon as possible.

- We have been struggling for years because of the Statute and this was evident around the election of the Mayor which caused some nervousness in the city, and national tensions began to rise again - said Kordić and stressed that the Statute is largely inconsistent with legal acts which were subsequently brought in BiH.

He believes, however, that this must be approached very carefully.

- We need to find the best solution with the partners from the City Council so that tomorrow we have a great Statute that will not be ambiguous - he pointed.

Speaking about attracting investments, creating new jobs, and keeping young people in the city, which, after all he emphasized in his election campaign, the first man of Mostar said that concrete things were already being done to create new jobs, such as opening of industrial zones around the city and business incubators.

In addition, Kordić points out, work will be done on lowering parafiscal charges on companies, enabling their easier opening, and incentives will be given for opening companies and first employments.

- I still think that all this that we are talking about, such as parking and a better life in the city, makes no sense if people leave Mostar, and in order to stay, we must primarily deal with creating new jobs - emphasizes the Mayor of Mostar.

As for the reorganization of the City Administration, he pointed out that in any case it will be reorganized and that the mentioned administration is now quite big.

- Currently, it employs around 500 people, which is twice as many as local governments in the world, so in any case it will be reorganized - said Kordić.

Asked how to restore citizens' trust in institutions, he said that the digitalisation of all processes in the City Administration and its transparency will very soon restore people's trust in institutions.

When it comes to cooperation with councillors from other parties, he stressed that 'behind the scene, a fine and good atmosphere of joint cooperation is already being created'.

- I am often asked who will we go into a coalition with. I think it would be good for the City and all the decisions we make, if we did not have a solid coalition but to go from project to project and seek consensus in the City Council. We may go a little bit slower like that, but the decisions will certainly be of better quality, if they were made by consensus - concluded the new Mayor of Mostar.


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MOSTAR, February 17, 2021 (FENA)

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