Ambassador Minasi on Mostar’s Huge Potential

Dr. Mario Kordić, Mayor of Mostar, received today in the City Hall H.E. Nicola Minasia, Ambassador of the Republic of Italy to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ambassador Minasi congratulated Mayor on the election, and expressed satisfaction with the local elections in Mostar.

The importance of the technical equipment of the Airport and the establishment of air traffic for the economic prosperity of Mostar, as well as for the development of tourism were discussed.

According to the ambassador, the most important thing now is to send good news across Europe about the positive change that has taken place in Mostar, which will pave the way for new initiatives, projects and investments. For its part, the embassy is ready to extend the existing platform for cooperation between entrepreneurs to Mostar. One of the activities could be an electronic fair where local entrepreneurs would talk to Italian entrepreneurs and look for potential business associates.

Ambassador Minasi sees the great potential of Mostar in its cultural treasure and diversity, and is of the opinion that the organization of a cultural festival that would become traditional could do a lot for the promotion and tourist offer of Mostar.

The meeting also discussed the current cooperation with the friendly cities of the City of Mostar from Italy, and the possibility of improving mutual relations.

For his part, the Ambassador said that he was aware of the challenges that Mostar will face in the coming period, but also that Mostar is a very important city that the Embassy of the Republic of Italy will help whenever possible.

Mayor Kordić thanked Ambassador Minassi for everything he and his country have done to help Bosnia and Herzegovina and the City of Mostar.

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