Bridging the Cultures - Mostar


A novelist Ivo Andrić explained that the bridge is a place where a man encountered an obstacle, and didn’t stop at it, furthermore he noted that our hope is „always on the other side“. City of Mostar has created the cultural-tourism route named “Bridging the cultures” within the project HERA (Sustainable tourism management of Adriatic HERitage, financed within IPA Adriatic cross-border cooperation programme). The main theme of the route is the story of Mostar's bridges. The Balkan’s most celebrated and treasured bridge is situated in Mostar, The Old Bridge. Together with its surroundings of the Old City of Mostar, The Old Bridge is inscribed on the UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites and is often cited as one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. The theme of the route uses the famousness of the Old Bridge of City of Mostar and connects it to the less known bridges around the City of Mostar, crossing the river of Neretva and explores the magnificent cultural heritage of the Mostar City. At the same time, the tour takes a traveler from the west side of the bank of river Neretva to the east side, and back, showing the impacts that various cultural periods left on the city, dating back from Roman times, to Ottoman Empire, Austro-Hungarian era, as well as socialist and post war era. City of Mostar was torn during the period of previous war in 1992, where majority of the bridges were destroyed, as well as human connections between people whose thorn social capital is slowly recovering. The cultural route under a title “Bridging the cultures”, on top of historical presentation and value, also adds value to bridging the cultures of City of Mostar, as well as showcasing their uniqueness.

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