City Council adopts budget of the City of Mostar for 2021

The City Council of Mostar adopted today the Proposal of the Budget for 2021 in the amount of slightly more than 91 million BAM, as well as the decision on its execution.

President of the City Council Salem Marić said that some new days have really come for Mostar. He expressed hope that the City Council together with the Mayor and the City Administration will have strength to finally send some nice messages and stories from Mostar.

“Today we adopted two key decisions for the City of Mostar - the budget and the decision on budget execution. In the continuation of the session, two more important decisions await us, one on granting authorizations in public companies owned by the City, and the other is about bringing public interest to our main street from the Spanish square (roundabout) to the Hotel Ero. I hope that we will adopt those decisions and I am sure that this year, along with another decision that is crucial when it comes to the Decision on legalization, the City Council will give its full contribution and justify the expectations of the citizens of Mostar,” said Marić.

He added that he believes that the budget has its own development part and that social and other segments are covered to the extent allowed by revenues in the City budget.

According to the Mayor of Mostar, Mario Kordić, the budget of the City is developmental.

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