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City of Mostar host of International Conference on Preventing and Combating Financial Irregularities and Fraud

Di Salvatore and Bešlić visited Centre for visitors and Culture in Buna

International Conference entitled "Preventing and Combating Financial Irregularities and Fraud in the Programs of European Territorial Cooperation" was held today at Mostar City Hall.

According to Mr. Slađan Topuzović, Advisor at the Directorate for EU programs region Abruzzo and expert for the Balkans, this Conference is the first of its kind held in BiH, and its topic being very interesting in order to be able to see what are the obstacles and irregularities which can make difficult reimbursement or implementation of application programs on the territory of the European Union.

- This conference is very important also because it often happens that many projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina are stopped at the local level, and now we will see what are the possible problems that could be resolved at the European Commission, in cooperation with the BiH Council of Ministers - said Topuzović. He stressed that the problems for which the projects are stopped may be different - from the administrative and technical to "malicious” ones.

Director of Managing Authority of IPA Adriatic CBC Program Ms. Paola Di Salvatore in a press statement said that BiH very well manages European funds and that during the Conference it would be considered whether the management of the funds could still be improved and accelerated in order to bring BiH closer to EU. Di Salvatore emphasized, that the Conference is significant, not only for the local community, but for all the factors who want to join the EU projects in the future. Di Salvatore said that after the Conference she will visit the structure and construction sites that are built from the IPA funds in order to see in person the progress of work.

- I am very happy that the funds from the EU ended in the City of Mostar and the state. Currently ongoing projects are related to the construction of hydro-meteorological flood protection, restoration of cultural and historical centre in Buna, near Mostar, the fire protection project and the project which envisages the expansion of Mostar Airport and the purchase of emergency vehicle powered by gas - said Di Salvatore .

Conference host, Mayor of Mostar, Mr. Ljubo Bešlić, stressed its importance for Mostar and for Bosnia and Herzegovina, since everything that is currently being done in Bosnia and Herzegovina has to do with bringing BiH closer to the European Union. Approaching the European Union is not only related to the regulation of the country at the administrative level, but also refers to the system of government to improve the lives of citizens, he said.

 - We do projects with EU funding to improve the living conditions in BiH. The aim is to use all those assets that BiH gets in its way of approaching the EU, and the funds can be used only if we have people who are well educated. The proper utilization of funds from EU, as well as proper controls makes it possible sometimes for even additional funds; the funds should be used and not allow the projects remain unfinished and fund withdrawn - said Bešlić. He mentioned the fact that it has been known in Bosnia and Herzegovina that sometimes funding for some projects were granted, but later withdrawn since the projects have not been realised.

 - I hope that today we will be a good host and a reliable partner. We are aware that our region is often perceived as an area where there is not enough determination to consistently apply and enforce the rules of the European Union. Today is an opportunity to analyze and somewhat dispel those stereotypes. We will analyze what has been done through a reasoned debate - said in a media statement, the Prime Minister of HNC Mr. Nevenko Herceg.

Di Salvatore and Bešlić visited Centre for visitors and Culture in Buna

After the end of the International Conference for Prevention and Combating Financial Irregularities and Fraud in European Territorial Cooperation Programs“ Ms. Paola Di Salvatore, Managing Authority of IPA Adriatic CBC Program, General. D. Francesco Attard, Commander of Financial Police of the Republic of Italy for the prevention of fraud against the European Union at the Office of the Prime Minister - Department for European Policies, accompanied by the Mayor of Mostar, visited the Centre for visitors and culture in Buna to check the progress of project activities funded by this project of the City of Mostar, under the IPA Strategic Programme, Project HERA.

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