Conference on handicrafts

On Friday, the City of Mostar hosted the Conference entitled "Handicrafts - Past, Present, Future" with the purpose of considering the state of preservation and valorisation of traditional crafts as part of the immaterial world cultural heritage.

According to the Mortar’s Mayor Mr. Ljubo Bešlić, the purpose of this project is the promotion of traditional crafts of the city of Mostar, together with other world heritage cities.

- Considering the globalization trends and the extinction of tradition in every form, the City of Mostar has recognized the need to preserve traditional occupations and crafts as extremely important for the preservation of the specificity and particularity of the future, and thus the urgency of action in that direction, "Bešlić said.

The Head of UNESCO Office in BiH Mr. Siniša Šešum stated that unfortunately the situation with traditional crafts currently is very bad.

- In practice crafts do not receive much attention and the spaces in which they are created are "contaminated" with other products that neither substantively nor originally belong to these localities - says Šešum.

He said that finally we should take a stand and help preserve old crafts in the sense that the craftsmen of old crafts are encouraged to continue to nurture them.

Also, Šešum thinks that there should be a link with the education system so that young people can be involved and start to engage in crafts and transfer it to future generations.

  Federal Minister of Culture and Sports Ms. Zora Dujmović believes that the theme of old crafts is generally neglected and that many terms that are tied up with old crafts fall into oblivion.

- At this point everything is reduced to family traditions or hobbies, but products that are the product of old crafts are very valuable not only for preserving the culture and cultural heritage of the people who nourish it, but also for tourism - concluded Minister Dujmović.

The conference, which has an international character, should be a snapshot of good practices from Bosnia and Herzegovina, neighbouring countries and OWHC member countries (Southern Europe and the Mediterranean).

Also the Project "Handicrafts and Visual Contamination" conducted by OWHC was presented at the Conference.

On the same occasion, in the Cultural Center there will be a book promotion "Tradition of BiH-Crafts" by Mehmed Pargan.

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