"Ecoland" - The Third Elementary School-local school Polog

The Third Elementary School-local school Polog celebrated yesterday its day in a different and unique way-by festive manifestation called "Ecoland".

The excitement of this event is the fact that this represents a successful consideration of the students’ idea
(original scenario), whereby the boundaries between grades are erased and unity becomes a driving force. The result is a fascinated audience which followed the program with interest to the end, despite its duration of an hour and twenty

In preparation of this event which we can call a theatre show, since it is clear that children’s amateur theatre creation is cherished in this school, 11 sections with around 90 participants have participated, under the leadership of professor Marija Vrljić, head of drama section and class master of 8th grade and students from 8th grade, which represents the ceremony of their ending of the elementary education.

The title "Ecoland" reveals this year s topic – developing of love for the environment and home town, and how successful it was we can see in comments of younger pupils who warn older pupils during their break not to throw garbage around. There was an original set made from the recycle material for the occasion.

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