"Handicrafts-past, present, future"

The City of Mostar will be the host and the organiser of the Conference called "Handicrafts-past, present, future".

The purpose of the Conference is to observe the situation on the field of preservation and valorisation of traditional crafts as a part of intangible world cultural heritage. The Conference will be a sort of review of good practices from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the countries of the region and OWHC member countries (South Europe and the Mediterranean).

The Conference will also present the Project "Handicrafts - Visual Contamination", being conducted by OWHC. The aim of this project is to promote traditional crafts of world heritage cities and to enable the visual decontamination of historical cores.

Given the globalization flows and the extinction of tradition in every form, the City of Mostar has recognized the need to preserve traditional professions and crafts as extremely important for the preservation of the specificity and the particularity of one area for the future, hence the urgency for action in that direction.

The Conference will be held on Friday, September 15, 2017 in Mostar City Hall, Hrvatskih branitelja br.2, starting at 11 0'clock and the media statements will be after welcoming speeches, at the beginning of the Conference.


Book promotion Tradition of BiH-crafts by Mehmed Pargan will be held at the Ciltural Centre of the City of Mostar, Rade Bitange 13, starting at 18:30.


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