Happy International Women's Day

Dear Ladies, 

On behalf of the City Administration of Mostar and my personal behalf, I would like to congratulate you the International Women's Day. 

This day is also an opportunity to recall the events of more than a century ago, the struggle that women went through on the path to equality. 

Although, at the beginning it referred mainly to the struggle for labour equality, today we mark March 8 as a day of struggle for all the rights that women have fought for throughout history, and especially in the 20th century. 

Therefore, it is important that we remember, between the celebrations and the occasional gift for women, as part of the tradition of celebrating International Women's Day, what women have done throughout history with their creation, energy and action, in all areas to create today's society. 

We should all be grateful to them for that, and more women in all areas of activity, especially those in government, will only contribute to making our city and society as a whole better, more prosperous and happier.


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