Invitation – Energy Efficiency Days in Mostar

The City of Mostar as a partner in the implementation of the Interreg MED IMPULSE project organizes energy efficiency days beginning on June 14, 2019 with the workshop on the energy restoration plan of public buildings in the City of Mostar, where representatives of other municipalities, cities, technical staff, educational institutions, universities, companies involved in the implementation of energy efficiency measures, NGOs and others were invited.

At this Workshop, we would like to exchange experiences and knowledge on these interesting topics with representatives of the Federal Ministry of Physical Planning, the Environmental Protection Fund of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, UNDP, USAID, Hrvoje Požar Energy Institute from Zagreb, company nLogic Advisory, etc.

(All interested in participating in this topic can apply for a Webinar - see the attachment)

Puppet Theater Mostar, based on successful cooperation with the City of Mostar, on June 15, 2019, wishes to contribute to the performance of the energy efficiency projects by donating free performance of children's play called Puna vreća želja, which was also the result of the implementation of the Project Interreg IPA CBC IRENE, which is also successfully implemented by the City of Mostar and its partners. The play has already received a number of recognitions, and it is well received by the audience and speaks in an interesting way about environmental protection and the implementation of simple energy efficiency measures.

On June 18, 2019, the final Conference of Interreg MED IMPULSE project is planned to take place in  Hotel Mostar where mayors of municipalities and cities from all over BiH, as well as certain representatives of ministries, were invited. The host of the Conference "Energy Renovation of Public Buildings: Challenges and Perspectives" is  mayor of the City of Mostar, Mr.Ljubo Bešlić, and a brief address by the Prime Minister of  HNŽ / K Nevenk Herceg is also planned.

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