Mayor Kordić with Turkish Consul General

Mayor of Mostar, Dr. Mario Kordić received today in the City Hall  Yasar Ergun, Consul General of the Republic of Turkey, based in Mostar. 

Consul Ergun congratulated the Mayor on the election and wished him success in his work, hoping that the City of Mostar, now with the new City Council, will be able to solve the specific issues that this city has.

He also expressed hope that, as such, it will attract more investors in the future. He reminded that the City of Mostar has twin cities in the Republic of Turkey that are very successful in economic development and tourism, thus, there can be a significant improvement in the field of cooperation between cities. 

Mayor Kordić welcomed the readiness of the Consul General to help the City of Mostar in the field of connecting Turkish and local investors, and pointed out the importance of Mostar Airport in attracting potential investors to Mostar and the need to improve its technological equipment. 

Consul Ergun pointed out that he would personally engage himself in finding the possibility of opening new airlines to Mostar and that the outcome would depend on the epidemiological situation in our country and around the world, which has already seriously shaken airlines. 

It was concluded that the future cooperation between the Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey in Mostar and the City of Mostar will be intensified especially in the field of investment promotion, cooperation of twin cities, and programs and projects  important for the City.


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