Mostar marked European Mobility Week

With the opening of the regional office of the EU Info Centre and promotional cycling tour on Tuesday, Mostar marked the European Mobility Week, organized by the Delegation of the European Union to BiH and EU Info Centre MOSTAR.

         Head of Section for Political and Economic Affairs at the Delegation of the EU in BiH Jan Snaidauf, opening a regional office of the EU Info Centre in Mostar, said that this day is a special day for Bosnia and Herzegovina because the European Union today gave green light to BiH application for membership in the European Union, which is a new phase and level in the process of integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

         - The path of European integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina is what suits the needs of people of this country because people want changes and want to come closer to Europe, and we're just offering that because we're bringing Europe today, and here - said Snaidauf.

Regional Office of the EU Info Centre is opened on the fourth floor of Mepas Mall, and the goal is to help the citizens, organizations and anyone interested in everyday issues and events related to the European Union.

Also, the Office will organize a variety of events, especially for young people, not only in Mostar, but also outside its headquarters in Trebinje, Livno, Jablanica and other cities.

The inaugural ceremony was attended by Chief Advisor to the City of Mostar Ms. Radmila Komadina, who said that by opening of this office Mostar once again proved to be a regional centre of Herzegovina.

         - The opening of the regional office of the EU Info Centre offers many opportunities for citizens of Herzegovina region, and especially young people, to find information on all activities of the European Union. In particular, I am happy that employees of the Centre will visit young people in schools, faculties, workplaces and inform them and present them the benefits of joining the EU - added Komadina.

After the opening ceremony, there was a welcome for the participants of promo cycling tour and prize award.

Every year from September 16 to September 22 people across Europe are marking European Mobility Week which ends with the famous World Day without cars.

This year's campaign is focused on smart and sustainable mobility under the slogan "Smart Mobility. A Strong Economy".

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