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Mostar Presented in Sofia its Goal to Become a Part of Smart Cities Group

At WEBIT festival in Sofia, Mostar presented its goal to become a part of the smart cities group through the presentation “Reinventing Europe in Smart Cities Through Smart Administration“.

            In his speech Mayor of Mostar Ljubo Bešlić welcomed all participants and presented all the activities taken to estimate the idea.

The Mayor pointed out that the City of Mostar wants to be included in the smart cities of Europe and that Mostar has developed strategy for the period 2017-2026 which envisages the development of various analyzes, studies and ideas so that the city could function better in the future.

"That means that we want to develop entrepreneurship in conjunction with cultural heritage, using science and new technologies," Bešlić said, emphasizing that Mostar would thus become a viable and prosperous city.


Mostar is a university city with around 22,000 students, and also a city of museums, sports, diversity of cultures and different people.

“We still have many unrenewed objects and we want, with new knowledge, to reconstruct them in this way” - said Bešlić, adding that they accepted that the Green Design Center is established in Mostar, which should be built at the end of this or at the beginning of the next year.

  That centre, as he said, will be the site of a union and exchange of insights that will change habits and build a better future for the planet through the economical use of planet earth resources.

"For a couple of years, we will be able to present new insights and a new way of building, something that should help to protect the planet faster," Bešlić said.

  The panel discussion with the mayor of Mostar was attended by representatives of Thessalonica, Rome and Paris, and chaired by Sofia Deputy Mayor.


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