Olive Growing-Unused Perspective for Youth in Herzegovina

Olive growing has perspective in Herzegovina and this is the area where olive trees have the best percentage of unsaturated fatty acids and give extra virgin olive oil of exceptional quality - said Ahmed Džubur, Professor of Agro-Mediterranean Faculty, University Džemal Bijedić in Mostar.

            - The awards, which were given to olive growers in the area of southern Herzegovina on international events are proof that the olive oil has great quality. It gives us hope and strength to increasingly promote the cultivation of olive trees in Herzegovina- said Džubur before opening of Conference on olive growing, which is now held at the International Economic Fair - Mostar 2017.

            - Today we are presenting the project “Growing Olives in Herzegovina" which was initiated by the project being the result of cooperation between the City of Mostar and the Spanish corporation Agro Sevilla. Their intention is to promote and realize the project of planting 1,000 hectares of olive trees in Herzegovina - said Džubur.

He added that an important role in this project have the City of Mostar, Faculty of Agriculture and Food Technology, University of Mostar and the Agro-Mediterranean Faculty Džemal Bijedić.

Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of HNC Donko Jović said that the Canton provided money to support agricultural production for olives, vineyards and plums.

            - We hope that this year is the beginning of one continuous systematic help for farmers when it comes to financial support - said Jović.

  Mayor Ljubo Bešlić said that the purpose of today's Conference is to encourage young people to plant olive trees in order to refine Herzegovina in the best way.

- It is unused perspective for young people in Herzegovina - said Bešlić.

The Conference was attended by two hundred participants; mr. sc. Paulina Šaravanja from the Agriculture and Food Technology, University of Mostar talked about "The History of Olive Cultivation in Herzegovina", and mr. Bojan Spasojević from Mostar City Administration gave a presentation on the potential for planting olive trees in Mostar.

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