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Paola Di Salvatore, Managing Authority of the IPA Adriatic Programme visited Mostar

Paola Di Salvatore, Managing Authority of the IPA Adriatic Programme, as part of her visit to Mostar and Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, gave a lecture at the University of Mostar on the topic "Energy restoration and water management as part of the EU Strategy for the Adriatic - Ionian macro-region and the Program of transnational cooperation MED 2014 - 2020"

 Di Salvatore in her press statement pointed out that Mostar and HNC well noted what European Union is looking for because in the field of tourism, infrastructure and environment there is a perfect link with its objectives.

“During my visit I saw a great ability of realization and implementation of projects, achieving the objectives of these projects which are a good basis for Bosnia and Herzegovina on its way to EU. Do not forget that the Managing Authority of the IPA Adriatic program has already initiated the first program of the Project of the Adriatic-Ionian macro-region, in which the City of Mostar and HNC are partners in several project”- said Di Salvatore, stressing their willingness to participate in organizing seminars and courses that will help the youth of the city and the region on their path towards the European Union.

"Next week in Italy there will be a conference where we will present the results of the City of Mostar and Herzegovina-Neretva Canton which are of great importance for the further path towards European integration," concluded Di Salvatore.

Mayor of the City of Mostar, Mr. Ljubo Bešlić emphasized that through these lectures we can find out how to use funds offered by European Union.

“It is important to see in which areas the Europe will help, not only Mostar, but the whole region which will allow Bosnia and Herzegovina to join the European Union”, said Mayor Bešlić, announcing the development of the project, where Mostar will become Southeast Europe centre for recycling.

After lecturing at the Faculty of Philosophy a visit to the Mostar Airport followed. Di Salvatore on this occasion said that the she had informed European Commission on the ability of the City of Mostar for allocating IPA funds, in the framework of IPA Programme.

"Thanks to the IPA project we will provide better services at the Mostar Airport. We got an ambulance vehicle that will enable a better service for disabled persons who come to visit Medjugorje. Also, we are expanding the terminal building of Mostar Airport and the works will be completed within the deadline. From the beginning of next year Mostar Airport will have an even better service for passengers-said Director of Mostar Airport Mr. Marin Raspudić.

Mayor Bešlić thanked Paola Di Salvatore for all projects that have been implemented or approved for the City of Mostar.

"The City of Mostar has its own perspective of development, its vision; through enhanced tourism we can reach certain results. We are now preparing the Airport for the following year when we expect to obtain certain funds, with the help of the city and canton, in order to introduce a low-cost airline. It will bring us more passengers, and so we will do a favour to Mostar, and employ a young people ", said Bešlić.

After visiting Mostar Airport Managing Authority of the IPA Adriatic Program visited cultural centre in Buna.

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