Presentation of Project „CB-GREEN“ in Zadar

Within the Energy week which took place in the City of Zadar, from 12 to 17 October 2015, citizens and professionals was presented project Project „CB-GREEN; Cross-Border - Green, Renewable & Energy Efficiency Network“  /  (CB-GREEN).,On Tuesday, October 13 at the City Library Zadar, at 11 o’clock there was a round table discussion on "The role of the EE team in planning and energy management" with the participation of representatives of local governments of Zadar and Mostar, Municipality Neum, Zadar County, and development agencies ZADRA NOVA and REDAH.

EE teams, as part of this project, are designed as teams within the local governments of Zadar, Mostar and Neum, who will provide information to citizens related to energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Overall objective is to protect and preserve the environment and encourage the sustainable use of natural resources in border regions of Zadar County and Herzegovina-Neretva Canton through joint actions and awareness rising campaigns on energy efficiency and renewable energy system utilization in public sector.

In the scope of CB GREEN Project the  EE info desk service is provided to the citizens of  Neum and  Mostar through  e-mais and

This project has been selected for co financing in the scope of IPA cross border program Croatia-Bosnia and Herzegovina from April1, 2015 till March 31, 2017 in the total value of 499.066,54 EUR. 

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