Help for Casualties in Central Italy

In order to overcome at least partly the consequences of the earthquake that struck the cities in central Italy, and provided assistance to the victims, the mayor of Mostar Ljubo Bešlić has reached today a Decision by which the Italian Red Cross is granted the financial support in the amount of 10,000 BAM from reserve funds. Mayor Bešlić has expressed his deepest condolences on behalf of the City of Mostar and his personal behalf to the Italian Ambassador in BiH Mr. Ruggero Corrias, to the people of the Republic of Italy, due to the earthquake that took lives of hundreds of citizens.

Please convey the support of the citizens of Mostar to those affected by the earthquake and our wishes for fast recovery of all injured-emphasized Mayor Bešlić in his telegram.

The City of Mostar is inviting all those who are able to send their assistance to the friendly people of Italy, a country that during the war years helped Mostar, and after the war, until today participated in a number of reconstruction projects in our city, from the reconstruction of the Old Bridge, interpretative museum, Museum of Old Town, the reconstruction of the city bath, trip of young people from Mostar to Montegrotto Terme and other projects.


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