PUBLIC CALL for expressing of interest

Based on the article 43. of the Statute of the City of Mostar (Official gazette of the City of Mostar no.4/04 ) the Mayor of the City of Mostar publish the following:


 for expressing of interest for the investment into the objects of the former Higher Girl’s School in Mostar with the aim of its modification into the hotel-business complex of high category

1.  The subject of this public call is expressing of interest for an investment in the real estates marked as follow:

1.1. Cadastral plot no. 18/26 covering the surface of 3318 m2, in the nature a house with the garden (the Higher girl’s school with the sub-buildings) registered into the Land Registry sheet no. 6475 ,  cadastre municipality of  Mostar, full ownership of the City of Mostar.                              

1.2. Cadastral plot no.18/14 covering the surface of 90 m2 in nature a building in The Old town registered in the Land Registry sheet no.3806  cadastre municipality of  Mostar, full ownership of the City of Mostar

2.  Use and purpose of the real estates, that are the subject of this public call as future Hotel-business complex of high category is determined by the Master plan of Historian city area of Mostar for the period from 2007 to 2017.

3.  All interested domestic and foreign physical and legal entities are invited to express to the City of Mostar the principal interest for an investment and convey to the planned purpose of the subject real estates and all that throughout the Letter of Intent, jointly with the following attachments;
3.1. Name and surname and the address of the bidder (if the physical entity), or a company and headquarter of the bidder (if legal entity);
3.2. The copy of the identification document (ID), or certificate/document of judicial registration (for the foreign legal entities some other appropriate document that proves the legal status of an entity);
3.3. The amount of investment that the submitter of the Letter of Intent is willing to invest in the real estate, under which circumstances and in which time-line/dynamics;
3.4.   The idea design, respectively the shorten business-investment development plan for the space and ways of future usage of the real estates, together with the dynamic plan - deadlines.
 The idea design, and the business-investment plan, a bidder should coordinate with the valid urban regulation documents.
3.5. The planned total value of the investment and estimated number of the newly employed persons.

4.  The bidder submits the Letter of Intent with the documentation in one of the official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina or in English language in the sealed envelop addressed to:: Grad Mostar, ul. A.BuĆa br. 19. Mostar, Bosna i Hercegovina with remark: „Pismo namjere za Djevojačku školu“.

5.  The deadline for submission of the Letter of Intent is 31.05.2011. until 2 p.m.

6.  This public call serves solely for determination of the interest. Expressing an interest based on this call does not create an obligation/commitment  to the applicant of the Letter of Intent  for a participation in the final tender procedure of the City of Mostar for an investment in the subject real estate.

7.  Information regarding this public can be obtained in the City administration of the City of Mostar; contact telephone number 036/500-686, or: e-mail: arnel.voljevica@mostar. 

8. Insight into the valid urban regulation documents for the subject real estates is available in the Agency „Stari grad“ in Mostar, Ul. M.Tita br.170, working days from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (contact telephone numbers: 036/550805 i 036/551178; e-mail 



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