Serge Brammertz visited The Old Bridge

On the second day of his visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia Mr. Serge Brammertz met on Tuesday with the Chief Prosecutor of the Herzegovina - Neretva Canton Mr. Mladen Jurišić. The main issue discussed was taking over the cases from the State Court. Hague prosecutor said that local Offices of Prosecutor have access to about 9 million pages of documents related to the crimes committed in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Hague prosecutor was interested in cases that are transferred from the state to the cantonal level. After the initial focus on the work of the state prosecutor's office, now it is important that higher and lower levels cooperate, said Serge Brammertz. For the last two years canton prosecution in Mostar has good results in the prosecution of war crime cases that were transferred from the state level. But still, said chief canton prosecutor Mladen Jurišić, there is a perception that little has been done: In the last two years the prosecution, thanks to a team funded by the European Union, doubled the number of solved cases. But one case has been returned three times from the Supreme Court abolishing the ruling; the case known as Vranica.

During his visit Serge Brammertz visited the Old Bridge together with the Mayor of Mostar and the Head of the UNESCO Office in BiH Mr. Siniša Šešum, and gave lecture to students at the Faculty of Law of the University of Mostar.

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