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The City of Mostar got a new Mayor and a new President of the City Council

Mr. Mario Kordić is the new Mayor of city of Mostar. The new Mayor won 17 votes while his opponent Mr. Zlatko Guzin won 16 votes. There were two invalid ballots that were filled incorrectly.

Former Mayor Mr.Ljubo Bešlić, addressing the councillors and the new Mayor of the City of Mostar, with congratulations, said that Mr.Mario Kordić is taking on a very responsible duty of "leading the pearl of Herzegovina".

Opponent candidate Mr. Zlatko Guzin also congratulated Mr. Kordić, saying that he was satisfied that he and his fellow doctor did not get involved in politicking. "At the end of everything that happened, I want to express my satisfaction and pride that we managed, in this desert of absence of normal rhetoric, to stay in an isolated oasis where we kept our dignity and played a fair game. In a derby someone has to lose. I want to send you sincere congratulations and wish you a lot of wisdom and happiness ", said Guzin.

Mr. Kordić reiterated that he is proud, and that the new function represents also a great responsibility for him. "I said in the City Hall that I will invest my knowledge, skills and energy to make this city better tomorrow. My friend Zlatko had an emotional speech. He said that in every derby someone has to lose and that's the only thing I don't agree with. This derby was for the City of Mostar. There are no winners or losers. I expect us to breathe as one soul, to make projects together and help each other, and of course warn of irregularities that can occur even with the best of intentions. You can expect me to advocate and make a good story. We will work together for the benefit of the citizens of Mostar, "said the new mayor of Mostar, Mr. Kordić.

His great wish is a broader coalition that will make the most important decisions for Mostar in the future. "It is important that we preserve the good spirit that started today. People will continue to bring judgment, but I think we are all winners. My idea is a broad coalition, seeking the consensus of all 35 councillors. That would make good decisions and quality suggestions. "Everyone is welcome. After being elected, Mayor and President of the Mostar City Council, Mr. Mario Kordić and Mr. Salem Marić appeared together for the first time tonight in front of the press at the City Hall. Mr. Kordić announced his dedicated work, while Marić referred to the disunity of the pro-Bosnian bloc, which again failed to generate a mayor, although they had a real opportunity to do so. The new President of the City Council, Mr. Marić, congratulated Mr. Kordić and deputy Presidents of City Council, as well as all councillors on the constructive session, which this time went well from the beginning. He apologized on his own behalf and on behalf of the Coalition for Mostar to the public, which had previously witnessed „unpleasant scenes" in the Council.

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