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The Conference on Energy Efficiency, "Energy Efficiency- Opportunity or Cost?!"

In the City Hall of the City of Mostar today the Mayor of Mostar, Ljubo Bešlić, and the representative of Prime Minister of HNC, Veselko Čerkez, opened the Conference on energy efficiency called "Energy Efficiency  Cost or Opportunity ?!" The conference was held in two parts. The first part was promotion and presentation of Sustainable Energy Action Plan of the City of Mostar 2016-2020.

The Plan was created as a part of the project "CB-GREEN; “Cross-Border Green, Renewable and Energy-Efficiency Networking“ where the City of Mostar is a partner from Bosnia and Herzegovina, together with the Municipality of Neum, REDAH Development Agency and Association Mare Nostrum, and from the Croatian side of the City of Zadar, the development agency Zadra Nova and  association Eko-Zadar. The Action Plan has thoroughly analyzed the energy situation of the City of Mostar with the start in 2014, and contains, among other things, proposals and measures and activities to be implemented in order to reduce emissions of CO2 in the City of Mostar, increase share of renewable energy sources and increase energy efficiency. Partly the method of financing of EE and RES was processed. Creation of Action Plan took less than a year. The City of Mostar has received a comprehensive document that clearly shows in which direction the City of Mostar should go by responsible implementation of sustainable energy policies.

Planned measures, energy consumption and emissions are monitored separately for six sectors, namely; buildings, transport, public lighting, solid waste, water supply and renewable energy sources. Total CO2 emission of observed sector, in the city of Mostar for the base year 2014, amounted to 380,504 tCO2, with buildings having the highest proportion of 54 percent, followed by transport with 29 percent, 10 percent of municipal waste, transit transport 4 percent, public lighting 2 percent, while the lowest share - the water sector has only 1 percent

In the second part of the conference there was a discussion on the Action Plan, promotion of  new international project IMPULSE (MED-IPA) where  the main partner is the City of Mostar,  the new Law on Energy Efficiency of FBiH, promotion of signing and joining the City of Mostar to Covenant of Mayors EU, addresses the range of professional topics of electricity, and the most successful local entrepreneurs who are engaged in production of devices and the use of renewable energy.

More than a hundred participants of today's conference were satisfied with interesting lectures and responses by speakers: representatives of the Ministry of Physical Planning FBiH-Jasmina Katica, the Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry-Aida Jelinić, the Environmental Protection Fund FBiH-Jasmina Kafedžić, the German Chamber of Commerce BiH (AHK) -Amra Šurković, CETEOR Vedad Suljic, the German missions in Bosnia and Herzegovina (GIZ) -Esad Smajlovic, the Institute of Planning of the City of Mostar-Salem Bubalo, Faculty of Civil Engineering-Maja Roso Popovac, consultant for energy and climate change-Nihad Harbaš , manager for EE of the City of Mostar-Darko Knezovic and successful private entrepreneurs from Mostar dealing with EE-Sladjan Marinovic (energy-production of solar panels) and Sandro Zovko (Zagrebinspekt).

After each topic the participants had a chance to ask questions and to discuss it.

The organiser of this Conference is the City of Mostar-Team for EE of the City of Mostar. Herewith we would like to thank all the participant of the Conference, especially guests-lecturers and media who shown a great interest for this occasion.


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