The International conference „Life Beyond Tourism“

Mayor of City of Mostar, Ljubo Bešlić has participated at the International conference „Life Beyond Tourism“ organized by the Foundation Romualdo Del Bianco

        Foundation Romualdo Del Bianco is recognized in the international academic world for its enormous dedication to the preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage and intercultural dialogue. It is the initiater of the non-profit cultural portal „Life Beyond Tourism“ commited for the promotion of the cultural identitiy of the specific territory.

         This portal has been designed to promote acquaintance with cultural diversity of territories, to impart real added value to travel destinations, and to foster respect among peoples while allowing for their ongoing cultural, economic growth. This network may boast itself today with more than 500 members from 77 countries which are using this platform for populating its cultural-historic identity and tourist potentials.

         Conference held in Florence was attended by delegations from 12 countries with the aim to participate and collaborate to the international promotion of cultural expressions of territories throught the network „Life Beyond Tourism“.

         Except Mostar representing Bosnia and Herzegovina, conference was attended by representatives of cities: Baku (Azerbaijan), Ibagué (Colombia), Lima (Perú), Callao (Perú), Moscow (Russia), Tomsk (Russia), Yerevan (Armenia), Paris (France), London (England), Napoli (Italy), Wroclaw (Poland), Krakow (Poland), Bejing (China) and Kyoto (Japan). Outstandind support to this initiative is given by UNESCO and ICOMOS, whose representatives Peter Debrine, UNESCO specialist for the world heritage and sustainable tourism, Susan Millar, president of the ICOMOS International Cultural Tourism Committee, as well as Maurizio Di Stefano, ICOMOS representative in Italy have also participated at the conference in Florence.

         Meetings with the President of Province of Florence, Councillor for Culture of the City of Florence and the Italian Government representative in Florence were also held during the Conference, and all of them have emphasized the importance of joint cooperation on the international promotion of the cultural identities of the territories and expressed thanks to delegation of City of Mostar for participating in this initiative.

         President of the Foundation, Paolo Del Bianco expressed his gratitude to Mayor of Mostar on support given to the project and he has announced his arrival in the April next year in Mostar in order to organize meeting with representatives of City of Mostar and tourism sector in Herzegovina.

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