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Workshops "EU Directives in the Field of Energy and Compliance with Local Regulations" and "Implementation of Energy Accounts - Reduction of Heat Loss in the Facilities"

The second set of workshops entitled "EU Directives in the field of energy and compliance with local regulations" and "Implementation of energy accounts - reduction of heat loss in the facilities" was held today. The first workshop is intended for management structures in public administration bodies and the other one for professional staff in public administration bodies. Workshops were held in the premises of the Mostar City Hall, in the presence of representatives of public administration, the City of Mostar, Neum Municipality, relevant ministries, the scientific community, and professional staff of public and private companies, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools in the City of Mostar and HNC.

Moderator of the workshop was Mr.Darko Knezović, team leader for the energy efficiency of the City of Mostar. Lectures were held by Ms. Džana Jusufović, Architect and Ms. Samra Prašović, Mechanical Engineer on behalf of company CETEOR, which is engaged for the purpose of hosting these workshops. Ms. Jusufović held a lecture on the current EU legislation and compliance with domestic legal framework, and the energy certification of buildings within the workshop "EU Directives in the Field of Energy and Compliance with Local Regulations", and Ms. Prašović on the topic of typology of buildings according to the period of construction, the materialization of objects and coherence of the existing building stock with applicable technical regulations within the workshop "Implementation of Energy Accounts - Reduction of Heat Loss in the Facilities."

The aim of workshops is to provide a comprehensive overview of the topic of energy efficiency and renewable energy, and application of specific knowledge in the public sector, and all supported by practical examples. After the training it is expected that target groups, taking into account past experience and level of competence, will acquire additional skills and techniques for successful implementation of national, entity, cantonal and local energy policies, all aimed at achieving the objectives defined at all levels.

The workshops were organized within the project "CB-GREEN - Cross-Border, Green, Renewable and Energy Efficiency Network" funded by the EU under the IPA cross-border program Croatia - Bosnia and Herzegovina 2007 - 2013, and implemented by six partner organizations operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatian . The total project value is 499,066.54 EUR and 253,104.60 EUR for activities in BiH. The project aims to protect and preserve the environment, and encourage the use of sustainable energy sources in the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton and the County of Zadar through joint activities and campaigns to raise public awareness of the energy efficiency (EE) and the use of systems that use renewable energy sources (RES) in the public sector.

CB-GREEN project is particularly in line with EU rules that strongly promote nature conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy. Raising awareness about global environmental problems, EE information, direct reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 and others) through the implementation of new EE and RES technologies and sustainable development of EE policy, are the strong recommendations of the EU to which project CB-GREEN contributes.


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