Open City Mostar, 22 days of music, cultural and educational program free for all visitors, begins on 01.09.2021.
We are pleased to announce that Open City Mostar is supported by the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is being implemented in partnership with the City of Mostar.
11 headliner concerts, 25 performances by local artists, 10 workshops, 6 public talks with EU artists, a conference, 2 performances of local production and realization, an art residency, school presentations and a fun three weeks full of events is ahead us. Detailed program of concert and daily activities comming soon.

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The Mayor of Mostar received the Ambassador of the Czech Republic

Mayor of Mostar Mr. Mario Kordić received today in the City Hall in inaugural visit H.E. Ivana Hlavsová, the Ambassador of  Czech Republic to Bosnia and Herzegovina. On that occasion, the Ambassador congratulated Mayor and wished him a successful mandate, as well as the new assembly of the City Council of the City of Mostar and to realize the goals ahead of them as soon as possible.She also introduced the Mayor with the numerous projects that the Czech Republic has implemented in Mostar in the cultural, social and economic fields, as well as the good cooperation they have with the University of Mostar.



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Call for applications for engagement in Mostar Citizens' Assembly

The Council of Europe - Office in Sarajevo, City of Mostar and Mostar City Council  working on the project "Building Democratic Participation in the City of Mostar", sent an invitation to the citizens of Mostar (individuals, informal groups, organizations and institutions) to apply for Mostar Citizens' Assembly.  In addition to citizens, directly identified experts will participate in the Assembly The call is open until July 6, 2021, and the details are at: 

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Mostar's Mayor received the Head of the OSCE Mission Kathleen Kavalec and Turkish Consul General

The guests expressed their impression with the speed of changes that are taking place in Mostar. They talked about cultural strategies that could connect the cultural and historical heritage of the City of Mostar."Mostar is a city that is open to new tourism projects and thus shows great potential," said Dr. Mario Kordic. Consul Ergun and the Head of the OSCE Mission Kavalec are willing to invest in the progress of the cultural area of the City of Mostar. "Along with Sarajevo and Banja Luka, Mostar is a good candidate to become a European center of culture," said Kathleen Kavalec.

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US Ambassador Nelson in Mostar

Mayor Dr. Mario Kordić hosted members of the US Embassy in the City Hall expressing his welcome and gratitude for the visit. Kordić briefed Ambassador Nelson on the priority issues currently being addressed by the City of Mostar, such as the Uborak landfill and the change of management in public companies. He expressed his belief that a solution to many problems is in sight and that Mostar is on its way of becoming a beautiful European city if the good work of the City Council continues. In a conversation with Ambassador Nelson, he mentioned past and future projects, explaining a concept that will lead to an overall improvement. 

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Memorandum of Understanding between China and City of Mostar

Mayor of Mostar Mario Kordić and the Director of the China-European Association for Technical and Economic Cooperation (CEATEC) for Foreign Affairs Dragan Čigoja signed a Memorandum of Understanding today in the City Hall for a joint proposal on cooperation between the City of Mostar and China. and Economic Cooperation (CEATEC). With this Memorandum, the City of Mostar recognizes CEATEC as a partner for the development of business and investment relations and tourism capacities towards the Chinese market, and that this Association will 

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