Happy International Women's Day

Dear Ladies,On behalf of the City Administration of Mostar and my personal behalf, I would like to congratulate you the International Women's Day. This day is also an opportunity to recall the events of more than a century ago, the struggle that women went through on the path to equality. Although, at the beginning it referred mainly to the struggle for labour equality, today we mark March 8 as a day of struggle for all the rights that women have fought for throughout history, and especially in the 20th century. Therefore, it is important that we remember,

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Mayor Kordić with Silvio Nardo

The Mayor of Mostar, dr. Mario Kordić received today at the City Hall Mr. Silvio Nardo, a councillor in the City Council of Montegrotto and an honorary citizen of the City of Mostar and a personal envoy of the Mayor of Montegrrotto, accompanied by representatives of the humanitarian organization Auser from the friendly Italian city of Montegrotto Terme. At the beginning of the meeting, Nardo congratulated Dr. Kordić at the election for the Mayor of Mostar and expressed his gratitude for the reception and conveyed congratulations from Mr. Riccardo Mortandello, the Mayor of Montegrotto Terme.

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Representatives of Awarded NGO “Novi put” in the City Hall

The Mayor of Mostar, Dr. Mario Kordić, and the President of the City Council of Mostar, Salem Marić, received today at the City Hall representatives of the Association 'Novi put' from Mostar, winner of the prestigious international award for 2021 awarded by the 'Child10' Foundation from the Kingdom of Sweden for fighting against trafficking and sexual exploitation of children, as well as the Swedish Queen Silvia Awards and her ‘Child Care’ Foundation. The President of the Association Abida Pehlić informed the Mayor Kordić and the President of the City Council Marić that 'Novi put' 

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Representatives of Sport Association of the City of Mostar visited City Hall

The Mayor of Mostar, Dr. Mario Kordić, and the President of the City Council of Mostar, Salem Marić, received today at the City Hall representatives of the Sports Association of the City of Mostar, Senad Kevelj, President of the Management Board of SACM and Danko Šulenta, President of the Supervisory Board of SACM. Representatives of the Sports Association of the City of Mostar Kevelj and Šulenta thanked for the reception and introduced Mayor Kordić and President of the City Council Marić with the fact that the Sports Association of the City of Mostar 

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Mayor of Mostar wrote Letter of Condolence on the death of Milan Bandić

It is with deep sadness that we were informed of the passing away of Mr. Milan Bandić, the Mayor of the City of Zagreb and a great friend of the City of Mostar. Milan Bandić was a frequent guest in Mostar and always ready to help our city and all its citizens in every way. Because of everything he has done, I believe he will be remembered as one of the greatest mayors in Zagreb's history. During all these years as the head of the Croatian metropolis, he lived and worked for his city. The City of Zagreb will surely always remember him, and the City of Mostar will have the fondest memories of him as a sincere and dear friend.

Mayor of the City of Mostar

Mario Kordić

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Congratulations on Independence Day

The Mayor of the City of Mostar, Mr. Mario Kordić, and the President of the City Council of the City of Mostar, Mr. Salem Marić, extended their sincere congratulations to all citizens of the City of Mostar and Bosnia and Herzegovina on the occasion of March 1, the Independence Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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17th Anniversary of Death of Macedonian President

Laying wreaths at the memorial in Matića brdo near Stolac marked the 17th anniversary of the death of Macedonian President Boris Trajkovski, who, together with associates and crew members, was killed in a plane crash while he was traveling to Mostar. Delegations of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, the Council of Ministers of BiH, the Presidency of BiH, the Office of the President of the Republic of North Macedonia, the BiH Parliamentary Assembly, the BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia, the FBiH Government

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A Mayor of All Citizens of Mostar

The new Mayor of Mostar, Mr. Mario Kordić, said on Wednesday that in his term he would focus more on topics that are important for the everyday life of citizens, and less on political issues, and reiterated that he would be the Mayor of all citizens of Mostar. He believes that he and the City Council have a lot of work ahead  because, as he says, in the past 12 years, many problems have accumulated, from landfill, collectors, to parking and water supply. - We are going to make a new deal for Mostar, that is, to start everything that has been on stand by all these years.

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The City of Mostar got a new Mayor and a new President of the City Council

Mr. Mario Kordić is the new Mayor of city of Mostar. The new Mayor won 17 votes while his opponent Mr. Zlatko Guzin won 16 votes. There were two invalid ballots that were filled incorrectly. Former Mayor Mr.Ljubo Bešlić, addressing the councillors and the new Mayor of the City of Mostar, with congratulations, said that Mr.Mario Kordić is taking on a very responsible duty of "leading the pearl of Herzegovina". Opponent candidate Mr. Zlatko Guzin also congratulated Mr. Kordić, saying that he was satisfied that he and his fellow doctor did not get involved in politicking.

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Political parties, coalitions, independent candidates in Mostar promise to ensure fair election after signing pledge supported by OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Political parties, coalitions, and independent candidates participating in the 2020 local elections in the City of Mostar scheduled on 20 December 2020 signed an election pledge on 18 November 2020, promising to ensure a peaceful and fair electoral process. The election pledge was developed by representatives of the Mostar City Election Commissions, civil society organizations and political subjects registered for 2020 local elections in Mostar, with the support of the OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

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15th Anniversary of the Inscription of the Old Bridge on UNESCO World Heritage List

Today, July 15, 2020, we are marking 15 years since the Inscription of the Old Bridge on UNESCO World Heritage List. The Old Bridge was listed on UNESCO World Heritage List, at the session in Durban, South Africa. - Many were sceptics in Bosnia and Herzegovina, when we were going they did not want to join our delegation, because they were afraid of failure - said on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of inscription Mostar’s Mayor Ljubo Bešlić. The said delegation, which participated in the session of UNESCO experts in Durban in the Republic of South Africa

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Ljubo Bešlić introduced NATO representatives with the idea of a firefighting base in Mostar

During today's meeting in the City Hall of Mostar, representatives of the NATO Headquarters for BiH, led by Deputy Commander Morten Henriksen and the Mayor of Mostar Ljubo Bešlić, emphasized the need for better firefighting equipment of the Armed Forces of BiH. Satisfaction was expressed in the current cooperation of members of the Armed Forces with NATO in all segments of civil society, especially in the area of ​​the fire brigade. When asked about the purchase of an Air tractor for firefighting, which is 

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On the occasion of the upcoming New  Year 2020, I wish to extend my sincere congratulations and good wishes to all the fellow citizens on my own behalf and on behalf of the Mostar City Administration.


I sincerely hope that next year it will be better, more beautiful  and more prosperous than the one we are saying goodbye to.



Ljubo Bešlić


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On the occasion of Christmas, I extend my sincere and heartfelt congratulations to all citizens  of  Roman Catholics in Mostar and the whole  Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The most joyous Catholic holiday and the birth of Jesus Christ should be an opportunity for all of us to build our relationships with one another, while respecting all our differences, which will encourage us to understand each other better and not divide us.


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City of Mostar has successfully finished its assignment in Project Interreg MED IMPULSE

The final Project Conference  Interreg MED IMPULSE , under which Days of Energy Efficiency are organised, was held on Tuesday in Mostar and it gathered mayors of cities and municipalities in BiH. Project Manager Darko Knezović pointed out that the City of Mostar has successfully finished its assignment  in this Project and that at this Conference he wants to share positive and rich experience gained from partners-Spain, Greece, France, Croatia and Italy  with others municipalities and cities in BiH. 

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Invitation – Energy Efficiency Days in Mostar

The City of Mostar as a partner in the implementation of the Interreg MED IMPULSE project organizes energy efficiency days beginning on June 14, 2019 with the workshop on the energy restoration plan of public buildings in the City of Mostar, where representatives of other municipalities, cities, technical staff, educational institutions, universities, companies involved in the implementation of energy efficiency measures, NGOs and others were invited. At this Workshop, we would like to exchange experiences and 

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World bank’s delegation visited Mostar

On May 15, 2019, the City Administration of the City of Mostar was visited by a delegation of the World Bank, made by Ms. Linda Van Gelder, Director for the Western Balkans and Mr. Emanuel Salinas, Head of the World Bank's Office in BiH with associates. The theme of the meeting was the commissioning of wastewater treatment plant, as well as the related themes. The meeting also focused on open issues that relate to the sustainability of the plants themselves, not only in Mostar, but also throughout BiH, as well as on the problem of sludge storage.

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City of Mostar implements Interreg MED IMPULSE project - energy-efficient reconstruction of Mostar Zapad Regional Office

Reconstruction of the facility of the Mostar Zapad Regional Office is another one in a series of planned energy efficiency projects implemented by the City of Mostar this year. Today, in the City Hall of the City of Mostar, Mayor Ljubo Bešlić signed a contract with the director of Alfa Therm d.o.o. Mostar, Mr. Željko Božić. The contract is related to the implementation of works within the project for reconstruction of the facility of the Mostar Zapad Regional Office, which is being carried out as 

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Through the Interreg - IPA CBC IRENE project, the City of Mostar replaces part of the existing public lighting system

After the implementation of the public procurement and the selection of the best contractor, today the City Hall of the City of Mostar has signed a contract with Elko-Marić d.o.o. Mostar from Mostar on carrying out works on the project of reconstruction or replacement of existing light pillars and lamps with new (aluminum) pillars and lamps with energy-efficient LED technology. The project will be carried out in the streets

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The mayors of Mostar and Isfahan signed the Agreement

The mayors of Mostar and Isfahan, Ljubo Bešlić and Dr. Ghodratollah Norouzi signed the Agreement on Cultural and Economic Cooperation between the City of Mostar and the City of Isfahan in Iran. Izet Šahović, Head of Finance and Real Estate Department and Sanela Demirović, Expert Advisor for International Relations of the City of Mostar, were also present at the signing ceremony of the Agreement.

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