Happy Easter to all Catholic citizens in Mostar and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The risen Jesus is teaching us that only with strong faith and sacrifice we can overcome everyday challenges and temptations in order to create better world worthy for every human being. May you spend this the most important Catholic holiday in peace and  joy and  let the grace, hope, sacrifice and salvation, given to us by risen Christ, be shared with your loved ones, friends and neighbours.

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BERTON: Mostar needs to remain one multiethnic unit of local self governance

Principal Deputy High Representative Bruce Berton visited Mostar today where he had a meeting with Mayor Ljubo Bešlić, representatives of the political parties HDZ BiH, SDA and HDZ 1990, and where he discussed about the current situation in the city and Constitutional Court ruling regarding the elections in Mostar. After the meeting, Mayor Bešlić stated that during the meeting they discussed the political negotiations, and that he introduced Berton with the current results

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Memorandum of Understanding

During his visit to Dayton and  marking the 20th anniversary of  signing  Dayton Peace Accord, Mayor of Mostar Mr. Ljubo Bešlić, together with his colleagues, Mayor of Sarajevo, Mr. Ivo Komšić, Mayor of Banja Luka Mr. Slobodan Gavranović and Mayor of Dayton Ms. Nan Whaley signed Memorandum of Understanding. Signing this Memorandum of Understanding officially launched a new, stronger cooperation, the establishment of dialogue and mutual respect between the cities of Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Mostar and Dayton.

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Mayor Bešlić with Delegation from Bosnia and Herzegovina at Papal Audience

Mayor of Mostar Mr. Ljubo Bešlić visited Vatican as a member of a special delegation led by the Chairman of the B&H Presidency Mr.Dragan Čović and Archbishop of Vrhbosna Cardinal Vinko Puljić. Representatives of the state and the church board for welcoming of Pope Francis in Sarajevo in June this year were also the part of delegation. The audience was held as well as the private conversation between the Chairman of the Presidency Dragan Čović and the Holy Father.

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156 employees of the Danish company "Unik System Desing" in a two-day visit to Mostar

156 employees of the company "Unik System Desing" from Vejle Commune in Denmark came to two-day study visit to Mostar, which will at the same time be their celebration of the 30th anniversary of its establishment.The company "Unik system design" develops software for law firms, focusing on solutions for Property Management. Danish guests were welcomed this morning at the Hotel Ero by Mayor of Mostar, Mr.Ljubo Bešlić, who congratulated them on the 30th anniversary of their establishment, emphasizing the fact that the City of Mostar and  Vejle Commun

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Centre for Development and Support Tuzla and EFEKT network for environmentally friendly energy organized today in Mostar workshop on "Energy efficiency in the cantons and local governments in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina; challenges and opportunities". According to representative of the Centre for Development and Support from Tuzla Mr. Amir Zahirović, the center has established five years ago EFEKT network for environmentally friendly energy  and its objectives are for BiH to adjust its legislation and practice, especially in terms of energy efficiency in accordance

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